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Iran says that Western statements testify to the effectiveness of its drones

On December 25, an Iranian media reported that an Iranian general said that the West’s talk about Iran’s drones being used by Russia to attack Ukraine proves the effectiveness of Iran’s drones.

Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Russia of using Iranian drones to carry out attacks on Ukraine in the months-Fri conflict, which has caused significant damage to civilian and energy infrastructure.

In response, the West imposed sanctions on several Iranian companies and generals, including Iran’s Chief of Staff, General Mohammad Baghiri.

Iran has repeatedly denied providing weapons for use in the war in Ukraine, but admitted in early November that it had sent drones to Russia before the February invasion.

“The creation of today’s environment by the arrogant world (referring to the United States and its allies) regarding the use of Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine is part of the enemy’s psychological warfare,” Baghiri was quoted as saying by Tasenin news agency.

“Actually, many of these statements may be wrong, but what is said about drones is the effectiveness of the Islamic Republic (Iran) in the field of drones; It shows importance and high status,” he said.

Iran’s bitterest enemies, the United States and Israel, see Iran as their proxies in the Middle East, Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government; It is accused of sending large numbers of drones to Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Iran began producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the 1980s during its eight-year war with neighboring Iraq.

Bagheri said Iran will continue to produce UAVs.

“The country’s military will continue to improve. Drones will continue to be produced. “We will cooperate with other countries regarding drones,” Tasenin news agency quoted Bagheri as saying.

“Our drone systems are accurate, Durability It is world-leading in terms of operations and mission continuity. Drones perform various missions,” he added.

Recently, Western media reported that Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital Kiev with drones, most of which were shot down by Ukraine.

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